As part of the onboarding process into our secured family, several sensitive pieces of information may need to be collected.

Credit Reporting

In an effort to determine creditworthiness, a full credit report will be procured from Transunion. As part of this process, we may collect your full name, social security number, and home address. Your information related to creditworthiness will be transmitted to Transunion for purposes of the credit report, and may be stored in an offsite secure server. Should we elect to transfer your agreement to the central monitoring station (Monitronics) for billing, this same information will be shared with them via secure connection.

Billing Information

Should you elect to pay for your monitoring and automation services via automatic bank draft or credit card, complete information, including, but not limited to: bank account, routing numbers, credit card number, cardholder name, card expiration date, and billing address, will be collected and used explicitly for the purposes of billing. Any information collected for this purpose will only be used for internal billing purposes, but may be shared via secure connection with the central monitoring station (Monitronics), should be elect to transfer your agreement to them.

Our Commitment to you

At no time will any information collected from you be sold to or shared with any party other than those listed above without your express written consent. Should you feel that we are not fulfilling this commitment, please contact our office immediately and we will reconcile any issues.