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Wireless Security

When most homeowners think of security systems, they envision a small panel, with a dimly lit LED screen, placed on the wall by their door. These systems often communicate through a readily accessible phone line; readily accessible to the installer and the potential burglar. In reality, today’s highest end security systems, those that are offered by Alarm City, are touch screen wonders that rival your smartphone or tablet, with wireless sensors placed throughout the home, and communicating through cellular technologies. Alarm City’s security offering go far beyond simple wireless door contacts and motion detectors. Packages may include:

·         Wireless smoke detectors that report to the central station

·         Still camera image sensors that take pictures on motion events

·         Monitored carbon monoxide detectors

·         Hyper sensitive glass break detectors


We are happy to be able to offer paid in full and financing options to our customers, both residential and commercial, and are offering discounted pricing to those commercial customers who also partner with us for their DVR needs. Contact us to discuss system options.


Making high end security affordable is what we do – monthly monitoring rates are as low as $19.99